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The Group

We are employment Lawyers. Our clients are working men and women with legal challenges involving on-the-job conditions. With decades of experience in hard-hitting advocacy, we advocate for people in their challenges against unlawful and unfair employment practices. We take cases involving discrimination, harassment, and unlawful discharge. We fight for clients in Federal Courts, Colorado Courts, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Armed with a strong grasp of civil rights and employment law, we engage on employment challenges at every level, including disputes with big government and big business.

 The Attorneys


Wil Smith (Wilbur C. Smith)

An attorney with over 30 years of international and national legal experience. Mr. Smith’s professional emphasis is on civil rights, human rights, justice for minorities, and international criminal law.  Early in his career he served as labor and employment attorney as counsel to unions including the Teamsters Union, Laborers Union, and Union Trust Funds.  As Legal Advisor on a Department of State mission to Afghanistan, Mr. Smith worked with military units, diplomatic interests, and international organizations training the Afghanistan Judiciary, the Afghanistan National Police, and the Afghanistan Government, advising on International Law, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, and International Criminal law.

Mr. Smith has represented hundreds of individuals and employees on issues of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination, workplace violence, employment injuries, and unlawful terminations. Mr. Smith has tried hundreds of jury trials, bench trials, and Administrative Hearings.

Unlike lawyers serving the needs of big-business, Mr. Smith prefers to represent people as individuals. His clients are from all walks of life: teachers, contractors, laborers, law enforcement, corrections officers, veterans, professionals, immigrants, and the underprivileged. The common thread among Mr. Smith’s clients is the strong resolve to enforce every person’s right to equality and human dignity as promised by the rule of law.